Flynn Rider? Whozzat?

Blades in the Dark has landed!  In PDF mode, at least--the hardcopy stage should be happening in April, if the schedule holds up.  Now that I've had about a week to read and digest the changes and apply them to Koneko House Blend, I can honestly say that I'm quite pleased with the adjustments made, particularly in the way that the initial relationships to other factions are set up.
Now to see how this changes all those lovely, lovely hacks and additional playsets that are in the pipeline!  Also gotta budget the Floofy One's alter egos through Hero Forge, even though Blades is not the sort of tabletop RPG that needs a scale map and minis to go with it.
With this outfit on her garment grid, she can set up a score to snatch her own dang tiaras whenever she likes...engagement roll permitting.  That oughta keep her somewhat distracted.  Not that Darryl counts as one of the Stabbington brothers...

You Can Tell Mister Harry I'm Nearly There...

Blades in the Dark is coming.  Coming soon.  Sooooooooooooon.  Like, tomorrow soon.  As in the backerkit is like unto to launch while I am stuck and work and unable to do much about it until I return home.  I admit that this is a good thing, because if I could get to it at work, I might not do anything else for a bit but read and chuckle maniacally.

So I'm off to re-watch a few good heist movies (Ocean's Eleven, Snatch, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) for the one-liners.  And maybe that new BBC show that's just about perfect for this.

Anyway, this means that the Koneko House Blend game (my, uhm, all-catgirl version) will be going through some officially mandated adjustments, particularly where Tier and Hold are concerned.  Since we've only just gotten started, and haven't done much more that char-and-crew-gen and set the opening scene with ol' Bazzer* and his sales pitch, it won't be too much of an imposition.  I hope.

So if you see any of the following…

Pretty Dress! Tiara! Miauw!

As is my wont, I'm fooling around on the Hero Forge website trying out more possible builds for future use and abuse (finances permitting).  I admit that I have more fun doodling than finalizing, but that's what the Hero Forge engine is for!  And yes, I'm indulging in my own little tribute to our resident Bast worshiper.  One of Ed's games is a Weird West shoot-em-up and since everything's better when done by equal-opportunity butt-kicking catgirls...

"Hey, Pops!"

I pause in my typing.  The voice is familiar, high-pitched, possibly young...

"Down here!"

I look down.  Katana is sitting beside me, glaring up at me and looking very much as if any second now she is going to put the smackdown on my toes.  If she weren't so darn cute, I'd be scared for my toes.  Oh, wait.  Given how she likes to pounce on anything that moves, I should be!  To make sure she has my full attention, she bats at my instep.

 "How come you never put me in a pretty…

Well, Nuts.

It is with some regret that I must share the news that a brief discussion with Mr. Roby has left me enlightened as to the fate of Renegade Jennys and Boilerplate Jacks.  Specifically, it ain't happenin'.  The current beta-test version, sans art, is all there is ever likely to be.  This is unfortunate, especially since the other game I was gleefully awaiting for my Cub (Far West) is looking more and more like a mirage.

It is my profound hope that at some point in the future, perhaps a successful crowdfunding campaign might be in the works so that this particular take on steampunk is allowed to see the light of day.  I'd try to organize this myself, but I have all the business sense of a pithed frog.

Katana Jones and the Pocatello Kid, Part One

Hey, remember I threatened you with fan-fiction?  Here we go--generated by Ed's sci fi pulptastic Future Tales and starring this pretty little grrl in all her ferocious predatory glory.

Unfortunately, Hero Forge does not have appropriately "Buck Rogers" options for their miniatures, so she's still more Apocalypse World / the Sprawl than she is Forbidden Planet.  Them's the breaks.

Katana Jones
Rep 5 SS3 Scavenger Star (Humanoid Alien) (Power 5)
Brawler +1d6 in Melee
Quick Reflexes +1d6 on In Sight tests (Racial)
Laser Pistol
Solid Melee Weapon
(Up to 5 items)
Home: Rural/Salvage

Rep 4 SS3 Exotic Grunt (Humanoid Alien) (Power 2)
Pilot (Counts as Rep 5 when piloting Starcraft)
Stunning (+2d6 when taking Talk the Talk test vs. affected parties)(Racial)

Opening Scene generates thusly: 1d6+5 on the Person or Thing Table is a 9 Find/Rescue Person...5 clues needed to unlock the final scene.  1d6 for specific sort of case...5 means the Victim is to be hunted down!  R…

More Fun With HeroForge

Not Avalon, honest!  This is Katana's namesake.  I'm still playing around with the options...but she's aiming to be more of a 5150 / Uncharted Worlds / Scum and Villainy lass.

These three are the 'official' build.  The obvious signature weapon is obvious.

Here's alternate pose and with the weapons switched out and a different expression, because while she plays a LOT more roughly than Avalon ever did, she doesn't seem to be an Angry Grrl.  Just sort of kittenishly predatory with great enthusiasm.  Katana of the Burn Flats, maybe.  She'd fit into the Kawaii Konekoclypse nicely.

And here's a variant for Future Tales--Katana, Princess of Planet X!  I'd have used an energy sword or something but Hero Forge doesn't have one as an option.  Cutoffs would probably be better than the studded jeans, too.
"You call me PRINCESS Cheesecake, you goob!"

A closeup of the 'mischievous me' expression, as opposed to the 'RAWR' one.  I…

A Couple of (Longwinded) Thoughts

Apropos of nothing and in no particular order...

= = = = =

Of all the kerfuffles in the hobby right now, there are two that make less than no sense to me.  There's the rather curious bulldada about inclusion (read: having people of color in illustrations and women wearing something that isn't bikini battle armor) that leaves me scratching my noggin, touched on in earlier posts now and again.  Of late, this has been joined by some odd feud between OSR and 'story' gaming, which is really odd...and over which I have ceased following certain people simply because the rhetoric employed got a bit too excessive.

Let me sum up.  I am very fond of OSR.  It's part nostalgia, since if you tell me that a game has 6 stats generated by rolling 3d6 for each, uses a d20 to hit, and has Armor Class involved, I have a fair idea of how this is gonna play out.  There's something comforting in knowing that I can enjoy this without having to dedicate what free time I have to learnin…